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This year the IMPI Hard Enduro will be held in the Northern Drakensberg, Bergville area. The Start/Finish will be remote, not at a resort. The Time Trail will be at a different starting point to Friday and Saturday start/finish.

Entries open on 15th April, 2024 at 10am. Your MSA one event Leisure license will be included in the entry fee.


Book anywhere in the Northern Drakensberg. Everything is quite close so you should find a B&B, Guest House or camping ground in the area. There will be a list of suggestions on the website under accommodation. We will have the IMPI tented village (Hlalanathi) which you can book on the website when entries open. Once tracks have been finalized we will load the locations of the TT, start/finish day 1 and day 2, fuel points and spectator points on telegram


Please note you only need to register once at one of these places for the whole weekend ride.

  • Wednesday 19th June from 3pm to 5pm - ATKV Drakensville
  • Thursday 20th June from 7:00am to 6pm - ATKV Drakensville



Will be available at the Start/Finish on Friday and Saturday at the riders own expense.


Will be available at registration on Wednesday and Thursday and at the Start/Finish or refuel on Friday and Saturday at the riders own expense.


Dinner will be available at the prize-giving (ATKV) at the riders own expense - 


Gold and Silver TT is ???km, technical route, Bronze TT is ???km and the Iron TT is ???km. You will need a card holder for the check point. The track opens at 8am and closes at 2pm. It's not compulsory to ride the time trial. The aim of the Time Trial is to get seeded for the start on Friday. If you don't ride the Time Trial you will be seeded at the start after those who did. We have the start open for 6 hrs so time it right to avoid bottlenecks.

There will be a self serve Bike wash available.


These distances are according to the GPS tracks which are always shorter.

Fri Iron ???km to refuel. Fri Iron Home ???km

Sat Iron ???km to refuel. Sat Iron Home ???km

A Batch:

A Fri Bronze ???km, Fri Bronze Home ???km. A Sat Bronze ???km , Sat Bronze Home ???km

B Batch:

B Fri Bronze ???km, Fri Bronze Home ???km. B Sat Bronze ???km, Sat Bronze Home ???km

Fri Silver add ???km to Fri Bronze. Sat Silver add ???km to Sat Bronze

Fri Gold add ???km to Fri Silver and Fri Bronze. Sat Gold add ???km to Sat Bronze. Gold will not ride Sat Silver

Tracks have some common sections and well as cross over each other. Please ensure you follow your GPS and not a rider.

A batch rider always follow the A bronze tracks for both days.

B batch riders always follow the B bronze tracks.

Bronze home from the refuel are common for both A and B batches on both days

Silver and Gold are common tracks for A and B batches


There are 4 classes to choose from. IRON BRONZE SILVER or GOLD. Riders need to choose a class. If a rider chooses to enter Gold, he will start in the Gold class in order of time trial results. If he is unable to complete gold, he will be downgraded to the class he completed for the next day. He will start at the back of that class, with a 1 hour time penalty. The same will apply for a rider that has entered Silver, and has to downgrade during the event. He will start the next day at the back of the class he completed, with a 1 hour time penalty. This applies to all the classes.

A rider can choose to upgrade while riding. eg: if he entered Bronze, he can choose to ride Silver and Gold while on the track. He will start in the class that he completed the previous day. All riders under 16 need a chaperone. The chaperone will have to pay their own entry fee.


Fuel at the refuel out on track will be provided for by IMPI. You will need your own fuel to refuel your bike in the Start/Finish area. The IMPI refuel will have unleaded petrol as well as mixed petrol available. Please make sure you chose the correct fuel. The mixed will be mixed 50:1 with Castrol R1 racing 2 stroke oil.

If a rider does not want to use our fuel he may refuel with his crew in the marked area.


Spectator points will be finalized once tracks are complete


TT Start/Finish is on Telegram

Fri and Sat start/finish is on Telegram hotel ruins on route to Mnweni

Refuel for Bronze, Silver and Gold will be at a remote point on route to Cathedral Peak


Prize-Giving is going to be huge this year. Our Sponsors have been very generous so we have loads of prizes.

Prize-giving will be held at ATKV starting at 19H00

There will be a live band.



Bronze, Silver and Gold R3175

Iron R2875

Why the price increase?

We have included fuel at the refuel out on the track, so no worrying about fuel containers etc.

We will provide a unleaded fuel as well as a 50:1 synthetic mix.

This does not include fuel at the start finish.

2024 we also include your 1 event MSA license in the entry fee

2024 race tag will also be included in the entry fee.

IMPI is now vat registered so vat is also added. 

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